Owning A Home In America

Owning a home in America can actually increase your total wealth. It sounds like an anomaly when you consider the monthly mortgage bill that must be paid. Sometimes it seems like paying for a home is putting you deeper in debt. The large payment amount multiplied by the number of years for repayment can seem […]


This past summer I set up a make shift summer kitchen on my front porch. It worked well. So I’m planning on expanding it this year and building upon some of my experience. I first got the idea to move my canning outdoors when the “special order” canning burner on my Maytag electric range literally […]

Hiring a Home Builder in Canada

Do Your Due Diligence Before Hiring a Home Builder Canadian home builders are some of the best in the world, however, it does sometimes happen that homeowners experience difficulty with their builder. Having to cope with a substandard home building company can be a stressful and disheartening – not to mention expensive – experience. Check […]

Home Rent to Own in Canada

Thinking of buying  a home and want to know how to rent to own? There’s nothing worse than the day you sit down and figure out how many tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars you’ve paid toward your landlord’s mortgage! You know this money should be going to pay your mortgage […]

Ensuring the Future Belongs to Canada

In recent years, the political agenda in Canada has focused on the present rather than the future. This has been necessary because many problems have had to be quickly addressed. Today, many of the short-term problems threatening Canada’s existence have been tamed, and although many problems currently exist, Canada is in a strong position to […]

Proactive Environmental Incentives

Canadians are just beginning to learn the consequences of abusing the environment. That is why protection must be started right away before it continues to worsen. To do this in the long-term the federal government would introduce a mechanism entitled “Positive Taxation”. This mechanism will reward those Canadians that choose to take protective measures regarding […]